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About us

Hi my name is Karen and I am the founder of In The Dog House Brentwood, a well established, Local Authority licensed and fully insured dog day care facility in Brentwood Essex. We are a small family run service based on our lovely, rural privately owned land.

As long time experienced dog owners we know the stress and anxiety that separation can cause both you and your furry family member. Dogs are social animals, they enjoy companionship and being with their pack; their family. Unfortunately, when left on their own for extended periods they often become anxious and distressed. This emotional insecurity can result in negative, sometimes destructive behaviour which is upsetting for both you and your dog and have an adverse effect on your relationship. In the worst case scenario it can result in a parting of the ways.


Using a stay and play centre can resolve this dilemma. You can go about your busy working/dog free day, completely devoid of guilt, worry or anxiety knowing that your canine companion is having the best time. When you arrive exhausted after your long day, you will be met by a very tired, but content and relaxed dog.


For many busy dog owners who love their dogs, but just cannot spend all day with them this really is the the next best thing.  



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