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Home Boarding

We are fully insured for Home Boarding.  Home boarded dogs will spend Monday to Friday daytime at the daycare facility having lots of interaction, fun and socialisation with the daycare dogs. At the end of the day they will return home with me where they will have the full run of the downstairs of my home and full access to my fully enclosed secure garden.  Weekends and bank holidays are spent at home with me where each dog will be exercised as suits their individual requirement. For some this might be three active park walks for others a sedate walk around the block. All home boarded dogs are treated as my own.  Lots of settee cuddles and individual attention.

As per the day care conditions, dogs in season cannot be boarded.  Non neutered males over the age of nine months cannot be boarded.  Non neutered males under nine months will be individually assessed.

As per day care terms and conditions, aggressive, dominant dogs will not be accepted for home boarding.

Bespoke arrangements can sometimes be made for dogs not suitable for the daycare environment; very nervous, fretful or elderly dogs.  Please contact to discuss. However, as I do have my own dog any dog that isn't happy to share space with another dog cannot be accommodated.

As per the day care requirements all dogs being home boarded must have up to date vaccination certificate inclusive of kennel cough. As per day care any pre existing conditions must be disclosed and required disclaimer signed. As per day care any dog showing sign of illness or injury on its arrival date, unless already assessed and treated by a vet, cannot be boarded.  Vet recommendation and treatment will need to be disclosed.


Just like our day care service, home boarding numbers are also limited. If you have a particular time that you really need boarding I would advise early rather than late booking. A 15% deposit non refundable deposit is required to secure your required dates and full payment for your dog's stay is due when your dog is dropped off.

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