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It is our aim to provide your dog with the best home away from home; to ensure that they love it here as much as we do. We want you to know that your much loved pets are our guests and that we make them as comfortable here as they are at home. To give your best friend a great day filled with canine fun and play. To return them to you exhausted, relaxed and content.  


Our Facilities

A home is not a home without some indoor comforts and that is what our barn will provide. Nice warm office space for me and all the comforts of home for our daily guests. We provide lots of soft cosy beds, warm fleecy blankets and of course a large array of towels to dry off after muddy play; all of which will be regularly laundered.  The interior of the barn is large enough that should the weather be absolutely dreadful there is plenty of room for indoor play. 
Indoor Space
Out door fun
Two secure pens allow lots of space for fun, boisterous activity and games. At different times of the day the property is visited by a host of curious wildlife, particularly rabbits and deer, leaving their unique scent which of course the dogs just love to sniff out and  investigate.  Lots of run and play is also the order of the day for the more active of the bunch. For the older lads and lasses, a more sedate stroll can be accomodated.
Whatever your dogs fitness level and exercise need it can be met at In the Dog House. 
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