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Terms & Conditions

1) All dogs must be assessed prior to acceptance.  This is to determine that they are temperamentally suited to the day care environment.  This must be booked before the first period of care.

2) Within the day care facility dogs socialise in a secure pen; they are all off lead. The large  pen is an active area with lots of running and sometimes boisterous play. If this would not suit your dog and you would prefer that it remain in the quieter pen please advise when booking. 


3) Dogs displaying aggressive or dominant temperaments will not be accepted.

4) Due to our residential location dogs that bark persistently for no reason cannot be accepted. They will be assessed for a reasonable amount of time allowing them to settle and acclimatise, but if this position remains unresolved cannot be accepted.

5) All dogs vaccinations inclusive of kennel cough must be up to date. The vaccination card must be brought to the assessment.

6) Non neutered male dogs over the age of nine months will not be accepted.  Non neutered male dogs under the age of nine months will be individually assessed. 

7) Bitches expected in season or in season will not be accepted. 

8) All dogs must wear collar and identity tag.

9) Emergency contact details must be provided. In the event of an emergency we will first try to contact named person; if this isn't possible your vet will be contacted. If veterinary intervention is deemed necessary your dog will be transported to the surgery. All transport/veterinarian costs are the owner's responsibility.

10) The facility is fully insured, but having pet insurance is recommended. Any pre existing conditions must be disclosed prior to your dog's admittance to the service; dog walking, daycare, home boarding or home visits and if deemed necessary a waiver must be signed. Any dog showing symptoms of illness or injury will not be accepted to some of the services; dog walking, day care, home boarding. Home visits will be assessed accordingly.  If deemed necessary a vet certificate of fitness or owner waiver must be signed following any treatment the dog receives following injury or illness.

11) We do apply a charge for late end of day pick ups.  Please see charges page.

12)The safety & security of all dogs left with us is our top priority. However, all owners leaving their dogs do so at their own risk.



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